It’s better than I ever even knew; they say that the world was built for two…

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Every now and then a song comes on the radio that stops you in your tracks. I was driving along, scouring the airwaves for just one song which didn’t make me despair of commercial music…and then this appeared. Note by note it seeped out of my speakers and right through my veins, nestling in that nook of my heart that only beautiful music can ever find. This song is simply, gorgeous. Something about Lana Del Rey’s drawling alto moves me to my very core. There’s a delicate quality about the vocal in this track that, when layered up this deliciously macabre instrumental, creates a truly unique sound, setting Del Rey apart from every other singer-songwriter with a love story to tell. She’s not just another pretty American girl with a guitar; she’s a woman with a voice and a story. And personally, it’s a story I want to hear.

Youtube –

Here’s to everybody loving somebody ❤


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